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Newburyport Real Estate Law Attorneys

At Connolly & Connolly, our professional team of attorneys and paralegals is experienced in representing clients in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions. We have been involved in real estate transactions, legal actions and contract negotiations for 60 years. Our talented and experienced attorneys have a thorough understanding of the local real estate markets and the finer points of Massachusetts real estate law.

Condominium Laws

Many real estate transactions involve the sale or purchase of a condominium unit. These transactions require specific knowledge of Condominium laws and review of the master deed, condominium bylaws and other rules relating to the use of the condominium unit. It is important that an experienced real estate attorney, with knowledge of the condominium laws, be consulted. The attorneys at Connolly & Connolly have represented developers with the preparation of all condominium documents and plans required to create a condominium and the condominium association, and are experienced in all aspects of condominium law. We have also represented condominium associations regarding authority and management issues and enforcement of rules and liens.

Lease Agreements

An agreement relating to the use and occupancy of real estate is a “lease agreement.” Sometimes there is no written agreement regarding a tenancy, in which case the tenant is considered a tenant at will. A landlord may terminate a tenancy at will by providing the tenant with written notice, of at least the same time frame as the rental period.

A tenancy at will does not afford the parties the protections of a written lease agreement. Many specific laws protect the rights of tenants in a residential lease. Tenants and landlords must be aware of the many rules governing residential lease agreements.Residential lease agreements should address rent, term, permissible and prohibited activities, deposits, the condition of the premises and required disclosures. Commercial lease agreements should clearly define the landlord’s and tenant’s duties relating to maintenance, improvements, upkeep of the leased premises, structure and common areas; parking rights; noncompetition provisions if applicable; definition of the permissible uses; options to extend or purchase; base rent and additional expenses; and rental increases or the method of determining the rental amount for extensions.

The attorneys at Connolly & Connolly are experienced in drafting residential lease agreements and simple and complex commercial lease agreements.

Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes may arise regarding boundary lines, adverse possession claims, the use of rights of way, applicability of easements or restrictions, title issues, environmental or land use violations, breaches of purchase and sale agreements, and trespass, among others. The attorneys at Connolly & Connolly will work with the client to attempt to amicably resolve the issue through negotiation. If a satisfactory negotiated settlement cannot be reached, our attorneys are experienced in representing clients in the land court and other courts in real estate disputes.


A foreclosure proceeding is the formal process by which a bank, mortgage company or another lender forecloses the mortgage lien that it holds on a piece of real estate and exercises its power to sell the property. The terms of the note and mortgage normally govern the rights of the parties. However, Massachusetts has enacted stringent foreclosure notice requirements for all residential mortgages that must be strictly followed in order for the foreclosure proceeding to be valid. Our attorneys are very knowledgeable with all aspects of residential and commercial mortgage foreclosures, have handled numerous residential and commercial foreclosures, and have secured party sales.

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